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Lou Pallo And The Gibson Bus

// May 22nd, 2011 // 4 Comments » // Crossroads, Garwood, NJ, Jazz Events, News

Gibson Tour Bus

A bus similar to this, and no doubt loaded with musical goodies, will be at the Crossroads in Garwood on Tuesday, May 22.

Just got an email from organist Radam Schwartz, who runs the Tuesday Night Jazz Jam at the Crossroads in Garwood. Check it out and consider attending. Sounds like a fun time! Here’s Radam’s original email with full details:

Lou Pallo and friends pull up in the decked-out Gibson bus on Tuesday, May 24th to hang at the Crossroads weekly jazz jam.

“Full Metal Blues” Blows The Lid Off Crossroads

// January 14th, 2010 // Comments Off on “Full Metal Blues” Blows The Lid Off Crossroads // Blues Events, Crossroads, Garwood, NJ, Full Metal Blues Band, Recaps & Reviews

Only for good music will I brave the unrelenting cold that’s been pounding the tri-state as of late. As I sit here with the first signs of an oncoming cold, I will admit the trip to The Crossroads in Garwood, NJ, this past Sunday night to see The Full Metal Blues Band was worth the sniffles and scratchy throat I am now experiencing. (more…)

Something Magical At Crossroads Jazz Jam, Tuesday 11/24/2009 (with audio)

// November 26th, 2009 // Comments Off on Something Magical At Crossroads Jazz Jam, Tuesday 11/24/2009 (with audio) // Cornell McGhee, Crossroads, Garwood, NJ, Dave Ginsberg, David Petrucelli, Earl Grice, James Gibbs III, Jazz Events, John Petrucelli, Radam Schwartz, Recaps & Reviews, Stan Myers

(L to R) Organist, Radam Schwartz; Trumpeter, Dave Ginsberg; Drummer, Earl Brice; Trombonist, Cornell McGee; unknown guitarrist

Performers (L to R) organist Radam Schwartz, David Ginsberg, Earl Grice, Cornell McGhee and unknown guitarrist

Something magical happened at The Crossroads this past Tuesday night. It follows a familiar pattern this time of year:

As the students who have been away at college for several months come home for the holidays, they bless us with the musical gifts they have been honing in the halls of academia. The energy is high as some friendly back-and-forth takes place between the musicians as they vie for their place on the proverbial totem pole. (more…)