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Bickford Audience Boogie Woogies With Bob Milne

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Self-taught ragtime and boogie-woogie pianist Bob Milne travels the world making these difficult piano formats look easy for audiences. PHOTO CREDIT: Dogwood Center For Performing Arts

“Why do I play everything by ear? Because the audience listens by ear,” explained ragtime and boogie-woogie pianist Bob Milne during a Q&A session following his August 16th performance at The BickFord Theatre.

The self-taught musician left an indelible mark on the Jazz SummerFest series that’s been taking place in Morristown these last few weeks. His low-key, unassuming manner allowed the music to take center stage that night. Milne’s storytelling took audience members on a journey through time as he described the cultural and musical background behind each piece he performed. Through the course of the evening, we traveled from New Orleans to Michigan and everywhere in between, getting a feel for how jazz evolved from the late 1800s to the early part of the twentieth century.


C’est La Vie! Paris Washboard Charms Bickford Audience

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The musicians of Paris Washboard (left to right) - Daniel Barda, Alain Marquet, Louis Mazetier & Stephane Seva. PHOTO CREDIT:

Mon Dieu! Quelle nuit!

I knew something special awaited us last night – The Bickford Theatre was buzzing with excitement well before the show was scheduled to begin. For those of us who had been regularly attending the Monday night Jazz SummerFest shows, we were warned for several weeks to buy tickets for Paris Washboard in advance because in all likelihood they would sell out.

Hmmm…overrated or was the band really that good? I’m more than pleased to say it was the latter. Holy cow people! I probably won’t be able to do these talented musicians justice with this review, but I will do my best to explain how I fell in love with them yesterday.


Neville Dickie Tickles The Ivory During Jazz SummerFest

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Cover of stride pianist Neville Dickie's 1970 album, "A Salute To Fats Waller." PHOTO CREDIT: Google Images

When my generation thinks of a “piano man,” Billy Joel or Elton John quickly comes to mind. It’s a shame that world renowned jazz pianist Neville Dickie doesn’t register on this popularity radar. But after last night’s performance at The Bickford Theatre, I, along with those in attendance, will consider him one of the greats from now on.


The Jazz Lobsters Are The Cat’s Meow! (w/ audio clip)

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The Jazz Lobsters big band performing at the New Jersey Jazz Society's Jazzfest 2008. PHOTO CREDIT: New Jersey Jazz Society

I almost fell out of my chair this afternoon when I read that The Jazz Lobsters rose to fame over the years by mostly performing at wedding receptions and parties. Are you kidding me? These guys definitely don’t fall under the cheesy “wedding singer or band” category!


A Return To Nostalgia: String of Pearls Review (w/ audio)

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Sue Halloran, Jeanne O'Connor and Holli Ross make up the String of Pearls vocal jazz trio

Holli Ross, Sue Halloran and Jeanne O'Connor make up the String of Pearls vocal jazz trio. PHOTO CREDIT: Judy Jalbert /

As the female vocal trio took the stage last night at The Bickford Theater wearing leg and neck braces and sporting crutches, I thought, “Uh-oh, I’m in for a long night.” My fears were somewhat confirmed when the group started singing “Crazy People” and overdramatizing their “injuries.”

But once they took the props off (all done as a sort of gag to support member Holli Ross who recently underwent surgery) and launched into numbers such as “A String of Pearls,” “Mr. Sandman” and “Sukiyaki,” it became obvious why String of Pearls has achieved the worldwide following that it has.


Bickford Theatre Just Gave Us A Reason To Look Forward To Mondays

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The Jazz Lobsters Big Band

The Jazz Lobsters Big Band will headline at the Bickford Theatre on Monday, July 19th. PHOTO CREDIT:

They’re the start of a new workweek (ugh) and the furthest possible distance from the next relaxing weekend – Mondays will always be a source of stress and anxiety. But the Bickford Theatre at the Morris Museum is helping us look forward to summer Mondays with their annual Jazz Summerfest series.