Jazz-Age Lawn Party Is The Cat’s Pajamas

Posted by D.A. Gutierrez in History, Jazz Events, News, Recaps & Reviews

June 27th, 2011   1 Comment »

This past weekend we attended the Jazz-age Lawn Party on Governors Island which, for the last few years, has injected a bit of Roaring 20’s-style class and sophistication into NYC two weekends each summer. As usual, the event is nothing if not a great place to people-watch. It’s striking how over 85% of the revelers (not an official statistic) are decked out in full 1920’s regalia.

I spent the majority of the afternoon laying out on my vintage picnic blanket, snapping photos of each carefully crafted costume that passed. Some were simple, others were quite ornate and meticulously crafted – but all paid homage to a bygone era where ladies and gentlemen acted as such.

After our experience last year with the food line (it took over an hour to reach the serving station), we decided to pack our own lunch- and boy were we glad. This year, we arrived about a half hour later than we did last year and by that point, the line was twice as long as last year. Aside from the slow food line, the rest of the event went off without a hitch and featured a pie contest, a vintage car show and several swing dance expositions, as well as an open dance floor for the general public to shake a tail feather.

The next lawn party will be on the weekend of August 20th and 21st and is sure to be just as big an affair. Keep an eye on this page for pricing and other details.