Lou Pallo And The Gibson Bus

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May 22nd, 2011   4 Comments »

Gibson Tour Bus

A bus similar to this, and no doubt loaded with musical goodies, will be at the Crossroads in Garwood on Tuesday, May 22.

Just got an email from organist Radam Schwartz, who runs the Tuesday Night Jazz Jam at the Crossroads in Garwood. Check it out and consider attending. Sounds like a fun time! Here’s Radam’s original email with full details:

Lou Pallo and friends pull up in the decked-out Gibson bus on Tuesday, May 24th to hang at the Crossroads weekly jazz jam.
Pallo, an encyclopedia of jazz and Les Paul’s wingman of 30 years, celebrates his new signature model Gibson guitar.
Joining 20th Century Guitar’s “Man of a Million Inversions” will be Paul Nowinski (former bassist of Les Paul’s Trio), Bob Leive (trumpet) and Eddie Brigati (Founding member of The Rascals).
All are welcome to tour the Gibson bus and check out rough mixes of Lou’s upcoming tribute to Les Paul titled “Thank You Les”. The project includes those above in addition to Steve Miller, Slash, Billy Gibbons, José Feliciano, Nokie Edwards, Arlen Roth, Melinda Doolittle and more!

We’ve covered the jazz jam at Crossroads before and it’s always a great time. The show starts at 9pm.

Crossroads is located at:

78 North Avenue
Garwood, NJ 07027

  • Stratomaster1218

    are there any future dates for lou and the gibson tour bus?

    • @2bd6ac71244a61c2d40fa744357bad61:disqus:Just checked Lou Pallo’s site as well as the Gibson site, but could not find any info.I’ve just sent messages to both Lou Pallo’s team as well as Gibson. I will post back here with any details they provide.

    • UPDATE: Got an email from a Vince at Gibson who said he’d be checking into this and will get back with any info he can find. No response from Lou’s camp yet.

    • Just got a reply from Gibson:

      “I contacted the
      bus driver directly, but I have not heard anything.  I am assuming (for
      now) that this was a one-off appearance.”

      Still nothing from Lou’s camp…. Will update if I hear anything new