Jazzville, NJ – Now With Facebook & Twitter Integration!

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January 19th, 2011   Comments Off on Jazzville, NJ – Now With Facebook & Twitter Integration!

Jazzville, NJ - Now with Facebook and Twitter integration!

Readers of JazzvilleNJ.com can now post comments right from their Facebook & Twitter accounts.

Hey jazz fans! I’ve got some great news. It’s now easier than ever to comment and have your voice heard on JazzvilleNJ.com. We’ve implemented a system whereby you can post comments with minimal fuss if you have a Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo account.

Just scroll to the bottom of any story you see on JazzvilleNJ.com and you’ll see the comments section where you can give us your comments and feedback. Under the old commenting system, you’d have to register with JazzvilleNJ and provide an email address in order to write a comment. A particularly cumbersome process, especially if all you wanted to say was “Good job!”

The new system makes it a much more streamlined process and will encourage hearty discussion.

So, let us know what you think. It’s easier than ever before!

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