New Jersey’s Mad Scientist Of Jazz

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June 10th, 2010   1 Comment »

Scott Robinson live at Space Farm Bell Tower -- PHOTO CREDIT: Lori Space Day

Call me crazy, but I didn’t know The Wall Street Journal wrote about topics other than those that are finance-related. Turns out they do! In fact, they have an interesting story on Scott Robinson, a New Jersey jazz musician, if you can pigeonhole him as such.

Mr. Robinson’s “home base” instrument is a tenor sax, but his collection runs far and wide – from a contrabass sax that is over 6-feet tall to a 180-lb Chinese ceremonial drum and everything (and I do mean everything) in between. From the sound of it, he left his instruments home alone one day, and they all started interbreeding, creating mutant versions of themselves – a sax with a mouthpiece like a trumpet, another sax with a slide (like a trombone) instead of keys, even a bass marimba, so large you have to climb a ladder to play it.

Robinson’s latest venture is the creation of his own label, “ScienSonic Laboratories.” Its first album, entitled “Live at Space Farm” was released on May 22nd.

Read the full Wall Street Journal article here and be sure to watch the video which gives you a glimpse of Robinson playing the giant contrabass sax – it’s only one of 16 thought to exist.