Double Tap On NJ Tap Dance Ensemble

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May 31st, 2010   Comments Off on Double Tap On NJ Tap Dance Ensemble

The New Jersey Tap Dance Ensemble practices. PHOTO CREDIT: Tom White for The New York Times

I came across two recent stories covering the New Jersey Tap Dance Ensemble’s work. The first, from, focuses on the latest set of shows the troupe did at NJPAC May 20th through the 22nd.

The second article, from The New York Times, briefly covers the same shows, but delves a little deeper into the history of the group, its influences and what the future holds.

Congrats to the NJ Tap Dance Ensemble for the great press!

(If you notice, several of the dancers that appear in the photographs and are mentioned in the articles have also graced the stage at this past week’s Skippers Tap Jam.)

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