“Hoofers” Triumphantly Return To Skippers For Thursday Night Tap Jam

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April 25th, 2010   Comments Off on “Hoofers” Triumphantly Return To Skippers For Thursday Night Tap Jam

14-year-old Tap phenom, Justin Ballasy commands admiration when he takes to the stage.

Hoofers, vocalists and jazz enthusiasts alike flocked to Skippers in droves this past Thursday for the Tap Jam extravaganza. After an unbearably long three-month hiatus, the night’s event more than met our need for rhythm and soul that’s been missing all this time.

As soon as you entered the popular pub, you could feel the electricity in the air. While the band set up, performers and their supporters bustled about in great anticipation for the exciting evening ahead. Serenading the crowd were music masterminds Radam Schwartz on the piano, bassist Michael Logan and Gregory Bufford playing drums. The lively set also included feel-good, rousing performances from jazz vocalists Frank Noviello and Joy Foster, getting hearts pumping for what was to follow.

As usual, our charming host Ms. Yvette Glover made everyone feel welcome and at home when she introduced her “tap children.” Taking the stage early on in the night were teenagers Frank Clemente and Justin Ballasy. The two captivated the crowd with their signature styles – Clemente with his fast-paced series of taps, and Ballasy, whose thundering strides commanded the stage. If they can mesmerize an audience at this stage of their young lives, then the sky is the limit on what they can accomplish as they mature.

Host for the evening, Yvette Glover wowed the crowd with a soulful number early in the evening.

Throughout the night, more returning favorites took their turn on the platform to entertain the viewers. The graceful Alicia Smith glided across the floor, awing everyone with her larger-than-life moves and ever ready smile. Kyle Wilder’s routines were far from reserved – his vigorous footwork drove the crowd wilder (yes, pun intended). Hillary-Marie Michael danced with a style and sophistication that set her apart from the others. And finally, who can forget the charismatic Jeffry Foote? At times the stage could not contain his intricate series of movements.

Mere words are not enough do a Tap Jam justice. The feelings you’re left with after witnessing such a wide array of talent can never adequately be transposed to the written word. And if you’re lucky enough to be in attendance in the future, you’ll surely understand what I mean. Thank you to Ms. Glover’s tap family for another night of brilliant performances.

Photos by George.Alice Media.

Skipper’s is located at:

304 University Avenue
Newark, NJ

NOTE: The next Tap Jam has already  been scheduled for Tuesday, May 25th, also known as National Tap Dance Day. May 25th is recognized as National Tap Dance day for it’s significance as the birthday of Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, a major contributor to the tap artform.

More photos of the evening’s events:

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